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Antiterrorism and Emergency Preparedness

Anti-terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) &All Hazards Plan

DoDEA Americas has several programs to handle perceived or real threats (internal and external) against students, employees, and visitors. The primary program is the Anti-terrorism Force Protection/All Hazards Plan. Written based on vulnerabilities that might be associated with each school, military installation, and geographic location, the plan ensures that the administration is prepared to respond to threats. This may be accomplished through the introduction of:

  • Safe Schools Program - bullying intervention, character education, anger management, aggression replacement, school resource officers, etc. ″
  • Policies and Procedures - visitor management and responses to weapons possession, larceny, assault, loitering, and other aberrant behaviors. ″
  • Physical Security Enhancements - items such as metal detectors, fencing, lighting, blast resistant windows, communication systems, etc.

Facility Physical Security &Safety Design Reviews and Assessments

Professional assessments are continuously applied to major remodeling, construction projects, and existing facilities to provide the highest degree of physical security protection to DoDEA Americas staff, students, and visitors according to DoDEA Education Facility Specifications, DoDEA Internal Physical Security Regulation and DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings.