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POSH Guide: What to do if you are a Victim or a Witness

If you are being sexually harassed:

1. Be Assertive
Confront the harasser at the first sign of trouble. Do not hint. Without smiles, evasion, or apologies, let the harasser know the behavior is unwelcome and offensive. If you can't do it alone, ask a friend to witness your discussion with the harasser.
2. Report Incidents(s) To Your Supervisor.
Let your supervisor know about the incident(s). The supervisor's responsibility is to facilitate an environment free of sexual harassment. He or she must exercise reasonable care to prevent or promptly correct any sexually harassing behavior.
3. File a Complaint
Civilians should contact the local Equal Employment Opportunity office (EEO), the DoDDS-E EEO office, or the DoDEA Headquarters EEO office, to file a complaint of discrimination.
4. Keep a Journal
Document all incidences of sexual harassment. Keep a record of the harasser's behavior with dates, times, and places. Detail all the circumstances to include the names of witnesses. Get witnesses to document what they heard or saw.
5. Get a Strong Support System
Any victim of sexual harassment will more than likely experience stress. Talk to your friends, relatives, spouse, or minister.

If You Witness Sexual Harassment

  • Document all incidents.
  • Keep detailed accurate notes, specifying dates, times, places, etc.
  • Share observations with the victim(s) and appropriate officials.
  • Let the victim(s) know if you are aware of other individuals whom the harasser has harassed
  • Do not openly discuss what you witnessed with uninvolved individuals.
  • Report it to proper officials.

Employee's Guide to Preventing Sexual Harassment Table of Contents

DoDEA Americas DMEO Contacts

DMEO Program Manager

Phone: 678-364-6655
Blackberry: 678-554-9687
Fax: 770-632-8720

DMEO Counselor

Phone: 678-364-8013
Fax: 770-632-8720

Employees and applicants must contact the EEO Office at: 700 Westpark Drive, 3rd Floor, Peachtree City, GA 30269 (phone numbers above), within 45 days of the discriminating act to begin complaint counseling. EEO counselors assigned to process informal complaints are appointed by the EEO Chief. They are not advocates for management or the complainant, but serve as an impartial third party.


DoDEA Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity (DMEO) Program

EEO Complaint Process

Quick Reference Guide for Managers - Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Allegations

DoDEA EEO Policy

Reasonable Accommodation Policy

DoDEA EEO Regulation 5713.9

EEOC Regulations on Federal Sector EEO, 29 C.F.R. Part 1614

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