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DoDEA Americas Resource Management Division - Financial Systems

All DoDEA Americas districts use Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI) to initiate and track accounting transactions. DAI:

  • automatically assigns document numbers
  • generates forms from entered data
  • posts commitments and obligations into the official accounting system
  • generates expenditure reports
  • links the supply process of ordering and receiving materials and services to the accounting system.
  • interfaces with the official accounting systems.

The Resource Management Division holds oversight authority for DAI Operating Procedures and assists area office and district personnel in utilizing the system.

The official accounting systems used by DoDEA Americas are:

  • FY 2011 to FY 2015 Washington Allotment Accounting System (WAAS)
  • FY 2016 and later: Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI)

These systems allow DoDEA Americas Region Office and Districts to capture expenditures by program codes and object classifications and compare them to previously approved budget lines. These management tools are subject to the DoD Joint Review Programs Tri-Annual Certification.