Fort Campbell Schools Dress Code


The purpose of the dress code is to ensure the safety of students, minimize disruptions and distractions that can be caused by inappropriate attire, and promote a united and orderly learning environment;while ensuring that students are permitted their right to freedom of speech.


Clothing, jewelry, and accessories that promote illegal activity, or that are decorated with lewd, vulgar or obscene illustrations or language are not allowed. Clothing suggestive of: illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, tobacco products, alcohol, sex, violence, hate speech, gang symbols, gang affiliation, obscenities, or lewd, vulgar or obscene language are specifically prohibited. The School Principal may exercise broad discretion in determining what is considered to be offensive. The School Principal also reserves the right to deem what is appropriate and/or offensive at after school functions.


  • Hats, scarves (worn as head coverings), bandanas, caps, rakes, picks, combs, or sunglasses may not be worn inside the school unless for religious or medical purposes previously coordinated with the School Principal.
  • Dangerous jewelry such as dog collars, fish hooks, wallet chains, belt chains, spike jewelry or chains larger than 1/4 inch diameter are not allowed.


Pants must conform to the following:

  • Leggings and spandex may only be worn under shorts, skirts, skorts, or dresses, long tunics, long shirts and not alone. Tunics and long shirts should be mid-thigh length if worn with leggings.
  • Pajamas, sweat pants, athletic shorts and pants, flannel pants and lounging pants are not allowed.
  • Sagging pants or visible underwear are not allowed.
  • Pants that drop below the waist are not permitted.
  • Jeans/pants will not have rips, tears, holes, or frayed areas.


  • Must clearly be mid-thigh length.
  • Be composed of nontransparent material at least to length of student's mid-thigh.


All shirts must meet the following criteria:

  • All blouses and dresses must cover the tops of the shoulder; undergarments should not be visible.
  • Sleeveless tops are authorized as long as the top of the shoulder is covered.
  • Muscle shirts, tank tops, sheer or see-through tops, off-the-shoulder tops, spaghetti straps and shirts with cut out sleeves are not permitted.
  • Low cut shirts revealing cleavage are not permitted.
  • The back, tops of shoulders, and mid-section of the body are to be covered at all times.
  • Shirt hems should be no shorter than hip/pockets.


  • Footwear must be worn at all times. Shoes may be sandals or backless shoes, dress or athletic.
  • House shoes and flip-flops are not permitted.
  • Any other footwear deemed unsafe will not be allowed during the school day; such as shoes with wheels or cleats.

Jackets and Bags

  • Light jackets (jean jackets, letterman jackets, and school sport/club jackets), pullovers, and sweatshirts with and without hoods may be worn. Hoods must be down at all times. This practice will be reviewed in January 2017 to determine compliance. If it is determined that students are continuously being corrected by teachers for wearing hoods during the school day, the dress code will be amended and hoodies will not be permitted for the remainder of the school year. Heavy winter coats/outerwear must remain in the locker throughout the day.
  • Coats, book bags, backpacks, gym bags, athletic bags, purses, etc. are to be stored in the students' lockers during school hours.


The school administration shall have the right to evaluate any clothing, hair style, or piercings to determine its acceptability within the guidelines of the dress code. Administrators shall also have the right to make an interpretation on the decency and appropriateness of any garment. The administration recognizes the inconvenience involved for parents to bring corrective clothing to school during the day;however this may be required if the student is unable to or chooses not to correct the infraction with alternate clothing.

  • It is the responsibility of the student to be knowledgeable of and comply with Fort Campbell Schools' dress code.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that the dress code is observed.
  • It is the duty of the teacher to ensure that the dress code is enforced fairly and consistently.
  • It is the final decision of the administration to deem what meets or does not meet dress code.


Violations corrected prior to the tardy bell for their first class will not count as a dress code offense. Students found in violation of the policy after the tardy bell for their first class will be sent to ISS, who will evaluate the violation and instruct the student on correction of the violation. Students will be returned to class as quickly as possible and care will be taken to minimize time away from classroom instruction as a result of dress code violations.

  • 1st offense - Dress code is corrected and parent is notified.
  • 2nd offense - Dress code is corrected, parent is notified, and the student will receive 1 after school detention.
  • 3rd offense - Dress code is corrected, parent is notified, and the violation will result in appropriate disciplinary action. The student may receive in-school or out of school suspension or a combination of both.

Dress code violations beyond 4 will be referred to the administration. If the dress code violation cannot be corrected, the student will remain in ISS and classwork will be provided.