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Fort Campbell Food Services

The Food and Nutrition Services Department for Fort Campbell Schools, through participation in the USDA National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs, strives to provide a service to actively address and meet the needs of all of all of our students. The department maintains compliance with all USDA rules, regulations and goals in each aspect of its operation. School menus are planned to maintain compliance with USDA and to include a variety of new and favorite food products. Issues affecting students are always approached with sensitivity and caution including but not limited to food allergies and sensitivity.

Students will be offered a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, foods made from Whole Grain, and low fat cheese/milk products. This initiative is in recognition of the Healthy Hunger Free kid's act of 2010.

Meal Prices
Full Price Student
$1.75 $2.35
Reduced Price Student
$0.30 $0.40
Adult $2.25 $3.25

A' la carte items

A' la carte items  are available for purchase at the Middle Schools and the High School. These purchases can be made with cash or charged to the students meal account (only when the account has available funds). Parents who do not want their children to purchase a' la carte items or receive breakfast and lunch meals will need to provide the cafeteria manager/cashier a signed letter removing their child/children from those who are allowed to make a' la carte purchases or receive meals from the cafeteria.

Food Service Policies

Competitive Foods Regulation  

Selling food items to students in competition with the school breakfast or lunch program is prohibited on school campus during the school day until 30 minutes after the last lunch is done serving.  

Local Wellness Policy - DoDEA America's Schools believes that children and youth who begin each day as healthy individuals can learn more and learn better and are more likely to complete their formal education. 


School Meal Program Manual
Accommodations for Children with Disabilities in School Meal Program
Accommodating Children with Disabilities Meal Program
Special Dietary Needs Form
Form Requesting Special Dietary Needs

Meal charge policy 

  • Students are allowed to charge up to 7 meals on their accounts. After 7 charged meals, sponsors will be notified via mail/phone call.
  •  Sponsors are strongly encouraged to occasionally check their student's accounts to prevent accumulating a negative balance.
  •  Failure to receive notification does not excuse the Sponsor of his/her responsibility to maintain a positive balance for their students account. Please keep  contact information up to date at the schools (to include e-mail address, phone numbers and home address).
  • Payments must be made to satisfy these accounts within 7 working days of notification. If the request for payment is ignored, a list of Sponsors who have students with negative accounts will be sent to the Sponsors unit commander to assist in debt collection. If the accounts remain negative, a Wage Garnishment will be initiated through the Military Pay Center. A $30.00 processing fee for each student account will be added to the amount owed.
  • Adults are not allowed to charge at any time.
  • USDA Meal Charges - Local Meal Charge Policies
  • Negative Balance and DD139 Procedures
  • Student Meal Account Clearing Procedures




Refunds must be requested and processed at the Central Office only.  

 Any questions or concerns may be directed to the Food Services Department. 

USDA Nondiscrimination Statement logo

Food and Nutrition Food Services SY 17-18


Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Food Service Contacts
Location Phone Number
Central Office
84 Texas Ave
Fort Campbell KY
Barkley ES
Barsanti ES
Andre Lucas ES
Mahaffey MS
Fort Campbell HS

Fort Campbell Schools