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Fort Knox Community Schools Registration

If this is the first time you are registering your child(ren) in our schools, please go to the DoDEA Online Pre-Registration application.

Re-Registration Forms

The following forms are provided for your convenience, to complete and bring with you to your school's registration event.

Other Documents Needed

Sponsor's Status
Eligible to Attend Fort Knox Schools
Active duty Military (including Reserve and National Guard members on active duty for at least 365 consecutive days)
Yes. Must be on active duty on the first day of school, must be assigned permanent on-base housing OR obtain a 90 day letter from housing showing housing will be available and that the sponsor intends to accept housing when offered.
DoD Employee
Yes. Must be a full time permanent employee assigned to the installation and must reside in permanent, on-base housing. (Civilian employees are not eligible for a 90 day housing letter.)
Non-DoD Federal Agency Employee
Yes. Must be a full time employee assigned to the installation, must reside in permanent on-base housing AND employing agency must be willing to pay tuition to DoD.
Reserve and Guard members not on active duty for at least 365 consecutive days
Not Eligible
Base Contractor
Not Eligible
Military Retiree
Not Eligible (even if residing in on-base housing)
Others not listed above
Not Eligible

  • Eligibility is determined on the first day of school.
  • DoDEA Americas is not authorized to accept tuition from individuals or non-Federal entities.

Read more about eligibility to attend DoDEA Americas Schools including Fort Knox Schools.

Age Requirements

By September 1st of the enrolling year a child must be:

  • 5 years old to enroll in Kindergarten.
  • 4 years old to enroll in Pre-Kindergarten
  • 6 years old to attend 1st Grade.

DoDEA Minimum Age Requirements Policy

What school will my child(ren) attend?

Fort Knox Community Schools Attendance Areas lists the housing areas served by each school.


KY Field Office

Community Superintendent

Mr. Gary Gerstner

Phone:  270-439-1927

Community Supt. Office

77 Texas Ave.
Fort Campbell, KY42223

Fort Knox Central Office

Crittenberger Building 4553
281 Fayette Ave.
Fort Knox, KY 40121-6201

Phone: 502-624-2345

District Superintendent

Dr. Christie Huddleston

Phone:  706-545-7276