Fort Knox Community Schools Board of Education

Being a DoDEA Americas school board member is a serious responsibility but one that offers significant rewards - the primary reward being the opportunity to actively participate in the process of educating our children.

However, unlike the school boards in the Local Education Authority (LEA), DoDEA school boards act purely in an advisory capacity, providing input to the Superintendent and administrators in the areas of fiscal, personnel and educational policies, procedures and programs. The DoDEA Americas school district superintendent makes final decisions on matters affecting the school district. Read more about the responsibilities of a DoDEA Americas School Board.

School board members are elected by and represent the parents and legal guardians of students enrolled in the Fort Knox schools. 

Current Members:

John Williams
Anne Sanchez
Lisa Riley
Kristen Smith
Lisa Wells

Board meetings are scheduled during most months of the academic year.  The meetings are open to the community and public participation is encouraged.

September 20, 2018 MacDonald 11:00
October 25, 2018 MacDonald 11:00
November 29, 2018 MacDonald 11:00
January 31, 2019 MacDonald 11:00
February 28, 2019 MacDonald 11:00
March 28, 2019 MacDonald 11:00
April 25, 2019 MacDonald 11:00
May 23, 2019 MacDonald 11:00

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FKCS Minutes - 9-27-2018
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