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Ft. Stewart Transportation

Bus transportation is provided for eligible students at Fort Stewart 

  • Contact your individual school for bus scheduling information.
  • Call (912) 368-3598 or (912) 876-6094 and ask to speak to the Administrative Officer if you have any questions regarding transportation services on Fort Stewart.

Bus Rules

Please go over the following rules with your child(ren):

  1. Always stay seated on the bus
  2. Do not stand, whether on knees or on feet, on the seats
  3. Never horseplay, fight, and/or trip another student
  4. Sharp objects are not allowed (i.e., pencils, protractors) unless they are in pencil holders
  5. Excessive loudness or noise is not permitted
  6. Eating and drinking are not allowed Includes gum, candy, lollipops, sodas, etc.
  7. Profanity or rude language is not allowed
  8. Do not litter
  9. Do not destroy or tamper with bus property Do not extend any parts of the body from the bus windows
  10. Treat the driver with respect

Consequences of Discipline Problems on the Bus

  • 1st Offense-Student will be counseled by the administrator about questionable conduct on the bus.
  • 2nd Offense-Parents will be notified.
  • 3rd Offense-Student will be suspended from riding the bus for a specified number of days, depending on the severity of the offense.
  • 4th Offense-Student may lose bus privileges for the remainder of the school year.


Note: The principal may exercise professional discretion for any incident requiring disciplinary action.

General Transportation Guidance

School bus transportation is an important facet of the educational experience.  The school bus is the first and last thing many of our students experience and it shapes how their day begins and ends.  The following information will help your student get the most of out of their school bus experience.

DoDEA Student School Bus Behavior Management Policy (Enclosure 8 of DoDEA Regulation 2051.1)

Students are responsible for:

  • Complying with the behavior standards for school  bus students and with the general  behavior standards.
  • Obeying the instructions of bus drivers, DoDEA  personnel, and military officials.
  • Attending and completing school  bus safety training sessions when offered  by the school  or military  installation.


Grades Pre-K-8: Students residing more than a one-mile (determined by drawing a radius from the center of the school) from the school will receive space required transportation provided they are within the commuting area for busing. Read more about eligibility to ride the school bus >>

South Carolina/Fort Stewart Community Superintendent

Ms. Kathleen Reiss Community Superintendent

376 Davis Avenue, Bldg. 5605
Fort Stewart, GA 31315

Phone: 912-369-6691

Official Bio

Southeast District Superintendent

Dr. Christy Huddleston District Superintendent

5701 Santa Fe Road Bldg 11800
Fort Benning, GA 31905

Phone: 706-545-7276
Fax: 706-545-8227

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Official Bio