Department of Defense Education Activity

Dress Code


Andersen Elementary School students are encouraged to take pride in their dress and conduct. All students are expected to dress neatly, adhering to the school dress code. Students must observe and maintain healthy personal hygiene. Grooming is discouraged during class time. Students shall be required to dress appropriately in accordance with the following requirements to maintain social standards conducive to a proper learning atmosphere. The following are minimal expectations for dress:

DDESS-Guam Uniform Policy

Items listed below are the authorized uniform components for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Uniforms are not required for PreK. It is not necessary to purchase all of the components.

Parents/students may choose to purchase any optional uniform items they desire.

The items below are those that are authorized. It is required to have tops and bottoms; other components are OPTIONAL, as marked below. Guidelines for PE attire will be published by the administration of each school.

The official Guam District uniform island patch is OPTIONAL and is permitted only on the left side upper chest area of the sweatshirts, sweaters, and jackets. There will be no patch on other items.

Uniform top colors are:

  • Navy Blue, or
  • White, or
  • Gray

Uniform bottoms are khaki/twill/cotton-blend material.
Uniform bottom (no denim or jeans) colors are:

  • Navy Blue, or
  • Beige/Tan, or
  • Black

Uniform sweatshirts/sweaters/jackets (no denim or jeans) colors are:

  • Navy Blue, or
  • White, or
  • Gray

No logos, designs, company tags, or brand emblems are allowed to be visible on any items.



No student shall wear sunglasses indoors unless proper medical certification is presented. Sunglasses not medically required may be confiscated. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum. For safety reasons it is strongly recommended that long dangling earrings not be worn to school.


Uniforms are required daily for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Parents will be notified immediately when their student is out of the required uniform. There may be days when the uniform requirement will be suspended for special events or other occasions; however, there will be a school announcement made regarding those special events.

The following guidelines apply: Attire advertising drugs, alcohol, signifying gang involvement or affiliation are prohibited. Attire should neither be excessively loose or tight-fitting. Shorts, skirts, skorts and dresses must reach the end of the wearer’s finger tips when arms are straightened loosely along sides or no higher than mid-thigh. Cropped/halter tops (no bare midriffs), sheer and spaghetti-strap clothing that reveal an excess amount of bare skin are prohibited. Tank tops and other revealing types of athletic shirts should not be worn.


Shoes must be worn at all times. Crocs, zories, flip-flops, slippers, and steel-toed shoes are not allowed for safety reasons. Sandals may be worn provided they are safe and will not pose a hazard for the student. The heel on footwear should be no more than a half-inch high. Students should plan to wear tennis shoes or other athletic footwear on Physical Education days, which will occur every 4th day. We strongly recommend that tennis shoes/athletic footwear be worn at all times.


Hairstyles must not impair sight or prevent adults from seeing a student’s eyes.


No hats or head coverings are permitted to be worn in the building or classrooms. This includes headwear such as bandannas. Hats are permissible on the playground. Students should hand carry hats for wear during recess to the cafeteria.