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Attendance Policy

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To read the policy please download:

DoDEA Regulation 2095.01, "School Attendance." September 1, 2011

For informational videos, FAQs and an overview please visit DoDEA HQ's "Be Here!" page.





Sponsors are responsible for ensuring that students attend school regularly and arrive on time. Teachers make every effort to provide extra help for students who have been absent. However, students learn more when they attend school regularly. For the official DoDEA Attendance Policy, please link to

AMS teachers will take and submit attendance during advisory and the first 15 minutes of every period. Attendance for students tardy to class with a note from the office will be submitted by the office.

Procedures Regarding Student Absence: Parents are asked to call the front office (366-3880) when they know their child will be absent. The sponsor must provide the front office with a written explanation of each absence. The sponsor's note, by itself, does not constitute an excused absence. This DoDEA link will help parents decide whether a child is too sick to attend school: 

The principal or the principal's designee will determine whether the student's absence will be recorded as "excused" or "unexcused" based on the definitions provided below: 


Excused Absences: Excused absences are granted by the school, but are generally limited to:

  • -personal illness
  • -emergency leave (requires Emergency Leave orders)
  • -religious observances
  • -pre-arranged family trips (requires an Advanced Absence Form) 
  • -medical and dental appointments
  • -school sponsored activities, including athletics, tournaments, and other interscholastic events occurring away from the home school when permission to be absent request is made prior to the event

There will be no academic penalty for excused absences. Absence for pre-planned activities, such as trips and religious observances, must be coordinated with the school prior to the activity. 

Unexcused Absences: "an absence from school without a written verification of an illness, medical, dental, or mental health appointment. All absences are considered unexcused until such time that a formal note is provided to the school", include, but are not limited to: 

  • -truancy 
  • -leaving school without permission or signing out
  • -over-sleeping
  • -missing the bus 
  • -baby-sitting siblings, shopping, Super Bowl Monday, hair and nail appointments
  • -Trips sponsored by organizations other than AMS or DoDEA. 

Parents will be informed of unexcused absences. Students will be required to make up all missed school assignments. Parents are strongly encouraged to work closely with their child's teachers to ensure all class assignments are completed in a timely manner.

Make-up work: Students are allowed to make up class work missed during excused absences. Specific arrangements are to be made with individual teachers upon the student's return. Students are responsible for requesting missed work from their teachers. For each excused absence, an equivalent time period will be granted for make-up assignments. Students on pre-arranged trips will also be required to make up their work.