Department of Defense Education Activity

About Our School

Photo of AMS

Named for Andersen AFB, on which it is located, Andersen Middle School opened its doors to students in September, 1997.  The current Andersen Middle School building opened in August of 2001 with grades 6-8 and now serves approximately 250 students representing almost every branch of the military.

School Schedule

Below is our schedule for the school year.


7:37 – 7:45

Students Enter

7:45 – 8:19

Advisory (34)

8:23 – 9:39

Period 1/5 (76)

9:43 – 10:59

Period 2/6 (76)

11:03 – 12:20

Period 3A/7A (77)

11:04 – 11:34

1st Lunch (30)

11:38 – 12:54

Period 3B/7B (76)

12:24 – 12:54

2nd Lunch (30)

12:59 – 2:15

Period 4/8 (76)





Rotation Schedule


Rotation A: Blue 1234/Silver 5678

Aug. 27 – Dec. 20

Rotation B: Blue 2341/Silver 6785

Jan. 6Jun. 9

Our Mission (Purpose)

Educate, Engage, and  Empower military-connected students to succeed in a dynamic world


Vision Statement (Direction)

Excellence in Education for Every Student, Every Day, Everywhere.


Guiding Principles

Dragon P.R.I.D.E. Starts Inside!

Preparation - Be ready to learn and participate in my education.

Responsibility - Be responsible for my learning and the learning of those around me.

Integrity - Do the right thing even when no one is watching.

Determination - Exhibit a determined attitude to do my best in all tasks.

Excellence - Push myself to achieve excellence in all I do!


CSI Goals, Interventions and Strategies

Math Goal
Students will improve their major content performance of written expressions and equations by 3 percentage points in each grade level as prescribed by CCRSM standards in 1 academic school year.

English/LA Goal
Students will improve written expression by 3 percentage points in each grade level through compare and contrast writing using text-based evidence as prescribed by CCRL standards in 1 academic school year.