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School Lunch Menus

Current school lunch menu: The Exchange School Lunch Program

School Lunch 1What to do if child forgets lunch or lunch money?

School cafeteria staff will make special meal arrangements to feed your child. Student will receive a regular pattern school meal with instructions on the proper repayment method. The cafeteria is not allowed to charge any a la carte items if no sufficient funds is on the account. Please see your local school cafeteria manager for further clarification.

The Exchange School Lunch Program will provide wholesome, nutritious meals to eligible students in participating DoD schools OCONUS.

The Goals of the School Lunch Program:

  • Create an atmosphere of excellent customer service and care for every student
  • Make student nutrition a vital component of the educational process
  • Make student nutrition a noticeable extension of the classroom and a learning environment for nutrition education
  • Give parents the best nutritional value for their money

School Lunch 2

The The Exchange School Lunch program is approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). This means that the The Exchange School Lunch program follows the same regulations and guidelines as schools throughout the United States. We provide Free and Reduced-Price meals for students who qualify under Federal Guidelines. Our school menus follow USDA nutritional requirements.

We serve 24,000 pattern meals each day for a total of more than 4.4 million meals each school year.

The Exchange provides school lunch to K-12 students on Army and Air Force Installations in nine countries overseas.

Free and Reduced Student Meal Program

Apply online at
Do NOT include Housing allowance in total income. Required are:

  • Existing Lunch account
  • School ID
  • Birthday

Go to All DoDEA parents are encourage to create an account with My Payments Plus (MPP). An MPP account is free and will allow you to monitor and manage lunch account online or through a phone ap. It will also send you a trigger email when your AAFES lunch account is low. MPP does charge a small % fee for lunch accounts deposits, but the account and trigger email is absolutely free. You are not required to deposit through MPP. Even with an MPP account you can still make payments at AAFES customer service or the cafeteria for free.

If you need more information please contact your installation School Liaison Officer.

Contact Information

Exchange Restaurant, Theater and Hospitality Division
DSN: 214-312-3002

Restaurant Program Specialist
Phone: 06302-6098350