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Ankara ES/HS

Student Transportation

Area: Europe
District: Mediterranean
Community: Ankara
Local: 0312-287-2529
DSN: (314) 287-2529
StateSideNumber: 011 90-312-287-2529



Student getting off busThe school district, rather than the military community, is in charge of school buses. The local school bus office coordinates the buses and implements the school bus rules. Transportation to and from school is a privilege…. not a right. Students will be removed from the bus for not following the rules.


  1. Parents must register their student(s) for bus transportation at the annual school registration or at the school bus office. It is encouraged but not required that the student accompany the parent for registration. If the student does not come along with the parent, the parent should be ready to provide a current picture to be photographed for the bus pass.
  2. Every bus rider is issued a BUS PASS. The bus pass is the “ticket to ride” the assigned bus. Without this ticket, the students will be reported for “Failing to have a bus pass”. The student will then be identified as an authorized bus rider and will be allowed to board the bus. On the second offense the student will lose riding privileges for one day, third offense – two days, fourth offense – three days, etc. The sponsor will be contacted by phone and or by letter and the days of the suspension will be arranged ahead of time. Students will not be “stranded” because they forgot or lost their bus pass.
  3. Notify the school bus office at least a week in advance if you change your home address, which will affect your child’s school bus transportation. This includes when you move into or out of the American Arms Hotel or other temporary lodging.
  4. Temporary bus passes can be issued on a limited basis. Normally for purposes involving temporary lodging, emergency leave or TDY any of which can be renewed for up to 30 days at a time.
  5. Students, parents, sponsors, and additional family members are not authorized as government contracting representatives to instruct drivers. Please do not ask drivers to deviate from their route. Additionally, only students are authorized to board a school bus. If there are questions or concerns regarding transportation, please contact the school bus office.

Students are responsible for:

  • Obeying the "School Bus Rules"
  • Immediately reporting the loss or damage of the bus pass to the school bus office
  • Providing the school bus office with written notification from parent/sponsor/guardian for any change from the normal authorized school bus transportation

Parents/Guardians/Sponsors are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that their family members know the “School Bus Rules” and comply with them
  • Any damage to vehicles that may result from improper behavior of their child
  • The safety and conduct of family members in route to or from and at the bus stop
  • Ensuring that their family members are at the designated school bus pickup point five minutes prior to the bus’ scheduled arrival time
  • Reporting to the school bus office any unsafe actions by drivers or bus riders
  • Getting their family members to and from school in accordance with school arrival and departure policies if the family member’s bus riding privileges are suspended
  • Providing the school bus office with timely written notification when a student has a change in his/her normal authorized school bus transportation

Parents please teach your children never to go in front of or behind the school bus and to wait six feet back from the curb. In Europe, traffic does not stop for loading and unloading school busses. Your children are in harm's way when they stand on the edge of the curb or enter the street en rout to or from a school bus.


Appropriate student behavior on school buses is a shared responsibility among the students and parent/sponsors/guardians, DoDDS school administrators, and the school bus office staff.

From DoDEA Regulation 2015.1 (E8.A2):

View from inside the bus

On and around school buses students will:

  1. Comply with all school rules with the "Behavior Standards for School Bus Students."
  2. Board and exit the bus in an orderly, safe manner
  3. Present bus pass when boarding the bus, and upon demand
  4. Remain seated while on the bus
  5. Talk with other passengers in a normal voice
  6. Keep all parts of the body inside the bus windows
  7. Keep aisles, steps, and empty seats free from obstruction
  8. Remain fully and properly clothed
  9. Treat the driver and fellow students with respect
  10. Promptly comply with the bus driver's or monitor's instructions
  11. Treat the bus and other private property with care

On or around school buses students will not:

  1. Fight, push, shove, or trip other passengers
  2. Use or possess unacceptable items identified in the school "Code of Conduct."
  3. Push while boarding, on, or exiting the bus.
  4. Get on or off the bus while the bus is in motion
  5. Make excessive noise, or play electronic equipment without earplugs
  6. Put objects out of bus windows or hang out of windows
  7. Engage in horseplay
  8. Obstruct aisles, steps, or seats
  9. Engage in public displays of affection
  10. Eat, drink, or litter on the bus
  11. Use profane or abusive language or make obscene gestures
  12. Spit or bite.
  13. Harass, bully, or interfere with other students
  14. Disrespect, distract or interfere with bus driver
  15. Damage private property
  16. Sit in the bus driver's seat, or touch bus operating devises or equipment
  17. Open or try to open bus door
  18. Throw or shoot objects inside or out of bus
  19. Tamper with bus controls or emergency equipment
  20. Violate any other school rule, law or military installation regulation

Note: As of July 15, 2010, Students may drink water and eat snacks on any daily commute bus that travels one-way in excess of one hour between the first pickup and drop-off. However, littering on the bus is still prohibited, and students are required to take their litter off the school bus. Any student who litters on the bus shall be disciplined in accordance with this regulation.