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About Ansbach ES

Ansbach Elementary School (generally referred to as AES), is a part of the Europe East School District and is located in Katterbach, Germany. AES is a modern, two story brick facility with general purpose classrooms, media center, and a multi-purpose room. The school opened in August 1986 and accommodates PSCD-5th grade children residing in the Bleidorn, Katterbach, and Urlas housing areas as well as several nearby German communities

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Ansbach ES

Grades: SS - 5

Enrollment: 252

Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:16

Computer/Student Ratio: 1:2

Ansbach ES Mission

To Provide an Exemplary Education that Inspires and Prepares all DoDEA Students for Success in a Dynamic, Global Environment.

Ansbach ES Vision

PRIDE defines 21st Century qualities students need to develop and internalize. We want our AES students to be Positive learners and Responsible citizens. Students will be encouraged to be Independent thinkers who are Determined to keep trying. We will Empower our students to solve problems, make decisions, and become leaders.

Ansbach ES Principal's Vision

To provide an exemplary education that inspires and prepares all DoDEA students for success in a dynamic, global environment. 

Mascot: Cougar Cub

Motto: "Cougar Cub PRIDE starts inside."

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Ansbach ES Colors

Primary Color: #c99618

Secondary Color: #2785dc

Ansbach ES Goals

Goal 1: At AES, every student will continuously improve in their reading ability.

Goal 2: At AES, every student will continuously improve in their math ability.

Ansbach ES

School Address
Unit 28714 Box 6502
APO, AE 09177
Phone: 011-49-9802-83-2628
Fax: 011-49-9802-7657
DSN Phone: 314-467-2629
DSN Fax: 314-467-2629