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Background Information: Antilles  High School (AHS) is a nonsectarian, co-educational high school (grades 9-12)  under the jurisdiction of the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA)  Americas Mid Atlantic district within the Department of Defense Domestic Elementary and Secondary Schools (DDESS).   The school provides a secondary  education for the dependent children of US military personnel (active and  reserve), active National Guard, and transferable Federal Employees.  The school is located in Fort Buchanan, Puerto  Rico, which is approximately eight miles south of San Juan.  Antilles High School was founded in 1954.

AHS facilities include one large building with  30 classrooms, a gymnasium, a media center, an auditorium, a computer lab, an  infirmary, graphical and technical classrooms, art and fine arts classroom,  JROTC rooms, Speech and Occupational Therapy rooms, counseling and psychologist  rooms and a cafeteria.

The academic school  year at Antilles High School is two semesters with each semester divided into  two grading quarters.  Antilles High School operates on a block schedule. The regular school  day includes four 90 minute periods with five minutes passing time.  The graduation requirements include 26  Carnegie units of credits.  AHS curriculum offers a rich variety of opportunities for all students to pursue their interests and reach their academic and professional goals. Our graduates have been accepted to some of the most prestigious colleges, including Harvard, Yale, MIT and the Unites States Service Academies, as well as many who attend the best local four-year universities. Our alumni are scattered literally around the globe, many holding positions of prominence in all fields and professions.


Antilles High School is accredited by AdvancED. 

AHS Memberships

  • National Association of Secondary School Principals
  • National Honor Society
  • Caribbean Counselors Association
  • College Board

AHS Student Body

The student-  body is comprised of  approximately 490 students from varying backgrounds, including the  following : (1) students with continental U.S. heritage who are monolingual  English speakers, (2) students of continental background who speak English as a  first language and Spanish as a second language, (3) students of Puerto Rican -  Hispanic cultural heritage using Spanish as the first language with English as  a second language, and (4) students of Puerto Rican - Hispanic heritage using  Spanish as a first language with only a rudimentary command of English.

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Antilles HS

Grades: 9-12

Enrollment: 459

Our Mission

Educate, Engage, and Empower military-connected students to succeed in a dynamic world.

Purpose Statement

Antilles High School is committed to enrich the lives of students by facilitating a relevant, holistic and rigorous curriculum that will prepare the students to succeed and be self-sufficient in a dynamic world.

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Antilles HS Colors

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Antilles High School students will increase academic achievement in READING COMPREHENSION and MATHEMATICS.

Antilles HS

School Address
1062 Victory Drive
Fort Buchanan, PR 00934
Phone: 787-707-2301