Department of Defense Education Activity

Antilles HS Inclement Weather

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When hurricanes or other severe weather conditions occur, it is sometimes necessary to cancel school, delay the opening of school, or dismiss classes early.

Hurricane season is June through November.

Listen to local radio and watch the Weather Channel on television for up-to-date information and instructions. Actions taken during hurricane conditions will be in accordance with the Emergency Plan put out by the Military Command.

Hurricane Procedures - During School Hours

All students and staff will report for school unless notified otherwise. The Commanding Officer and the coordinating district office determine cancellation of school. If it is determined that the normal schedule must be interrupted, the following will occur.

After the School Day Has Begun

The District Superintendent will contact each school.

Before the School Day Begins

An announcement will be made over Radio and TV. The announcement will clearly state whether students are to report to school for the day. The announcement will also include a statement regarding the work status of military and civilian government workers, including teaching staff.

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