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At Antilles Middle School, we have created a co curricular program that is student-centered and consequently one that kids want to be a part of. Activities are driven by student interest and may change yearly. To identify varying interests, we are constantly soliciting recommendations from students. Participation rates are extremely high and hopefully there is an activity to suit each student. By keeping students involved after school, we are choosing to lead our school toward a happier and healthier learning environment.

AMS Athletics

First Half Season Sports

  • Girls 4-6th grade Volleyball season start  August 
  • Girls 7-8th grade Volleyball season start  August
  • Boys & Girls 4-6th grade Cross Country season start August
  • Boys 4-6th grade Baseball season start October
  • Boys JV Soccer for 7&8th graders season start December

Second Half Season Sports

  • Girls JV  Soccer for 7&8th grades season start November
  • Boys & Girls Mini Soccer for 4-6th grades season start November
  • Mini Track & Field 4th-6th grade
  • Boys Basketball 7&8th grade season start January
  • Track & Field for 7&8th grade Boys and Girls season start February
  • Boys Mini Basketball 4-6th grades season start March

For any information you can see the Athletic Directors Mr. Roberto Martinez or Athletic Mr. Ricardo Dejesus at AMS. Or call 787-707-2461.

Athletic Activities

BOYS & GIRLS 4TH - 6TH Soccer 

  • Tuesday & Thursday 3:00 - 4:00 PM AMS (Middle SOCCER FIELD)
  • Bring your own water bottle.
  • After school buses will be running
  • Coach Canabal "Nani"

Boys 7th & 8th Basketball

  • Monday Tuesday a nd Thursday 3:00pm - 4:15pm AMS GYM
  • After School transportation is available 
  • Coach Ricardo DeJesus " " 



Term: Winter

Athletics Policies, Procedures and Forms



Student athletes must have a cumulative 2.0 grade average and must have no more than one "F" during a nine week quarter marking period. Grades used to determine eligibility will be recorded on report cards. Grades used to determine ineligibility will be the nine-week quarter grades only. Eligibility/ineligibility for fall extracurricular activities is determined by the fourth quarter grades only from the previous year. Students who are ineligible at the end of the fourth quarter, either because they have more than one failure for the quarter or they have below a 2.0 cumulative average may become eligible for the first quarter of the upcoming school year if they take at least one course in summer school that raises their cumulative GPA above a 2.0 once summer school work is computed.


  • Students are required to be in school the full day on the day of a weekday game. The only exception is for an appointment approved by the school administration in advance.
  • A student cannot be absent from school and attend practice or participate in athletic game or program except for an excused absence approved by the administration in advance.
  • A student who has "2 or more unexcused tardies" on the day of a scheduled athletic game or program is ineligible for participation in that event.
  • A student suspended from school is not eligible to participate for the next scheduled competition.
  • A student who has 7 unexcused absences in a semester is subject to be removed from the team

Eligibility: All students that meet Athletic Eligibility rules may tryout at scheduled tryouts.

Practice Schedule

  • Time: After School

For any questions, contact the Athletic Director Mr. Martinez or Mr. Ricardo Dejesus at AMS. Or call 787-707-2461.

Read 180 Open House

The parents went through the Read 180 stations just as the students do in class; They were exposed to the skills that the students will touch on in Read 180 and learned about the reading resources their children will be using this year within the class.

Some comments from the parents on my "exit tickets":

"I enjoyed learning how [my child's]  class is structured and what he needs to do to improve. It seems like a fun class."

"I understand more about what [my child] does in this class."

"Great way to understand my son's class, and great explanation!"

"This helped us understand the process of learning for our child."

"Great! I think it is very useful for [my child] to be focused on these areas. Seems like a great program!"


Our AVID program carried out a school-wide donations drive to collect first

aid and home essentials for the families affected by the earthquakes in

Puerto Rico. The school collected over 800 items that were personally

delivered to families and children's shelters in the Southern towns.

Students, teachers and parents were involved in helping and donating to this

cause. Go AMS!

Goal 5: Outreach Excellence

AVID Puerto Rico Earthquake Relief  Puerto Rico AVID earthquake relief 2AVID Puerto Rico Earthquake relief 4

Math Club

The AMS Math Club has about 35 members from grades 5-8. It is for any student who enjoys math and wants to spend time with others who share this interest. The club meets once a month for "MathMadness" Activities after school for 5th and 6th graders. The activities are run by the 7th and 8th grade Math Club officers which provides leadership opportunities for the officers. It allows them to share their love of math with younger students as well as serve as positive role models.

For advanced students the Math Club also offers the opportunity for enrichment and to participate in problem solving competitions. AMS competes in the American Mathematics Competition (AMC8), the Puerto Rico Math Olympiad, MATHCOUNTS, and other local interscholastic contests.

Open To: All 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students who enjoy Math.

Additional Info: Meetings are held monthly after school.

Beginning and Intermediate Bands

Students who take Band as a class during regular school hours will attend after school rehearsals to prepare for the winter and spring concerts. Depending on their skill levels, students will be assigned to either the Beginning or Intermediate Band.

Meeting Time: Intermediate Band members will meet on Monday afternoons from 3:00 to 4:00 PM.  Beginning Band members will meet on Wednesday afternoons from 3:00 to 4:00 PM - Spring Semester only.

Open To: Band Students

Antilles Jazz Ensemble (AJE)

The Antilles Jazz Ensemble is an after-school program made up of middle and high school students who excel in musical skill and performance and are interested in playing big band jazz.  AJE is going in to its 9th year and performs several times a year,both at the schools themselves and off campus. The group's repertoire focuses on 20th century jazz standards, but includes occasional rock, funk, pop, and Brazilian genres as well. Although the focus is on performance and improvisation, jazz history and theory are included as time allows. AJE has performed once a semester at the Ventana al Jazz Festival in Condado as well as on Channel 13 TV, a Make A Wish Foundation benefit, and various off-base school, church and government agency events.

Meeting Time: The AJE will meet on Thursdays, Fridays and one Saturday of the month, TBD.

Open To: Audition only

Yearbook Club

Club members will work together after school to design, create and publish our annual yearbook. Students make use of technology such as online photo-editing sites, learn about copyright infringement, free-copyright services, etc. Students also learn to up-load pictures to the computers at school or to a cloud-based drive from home. They use the their own Google accounts to make surveys for determining yearbook themes and ideas and they work together to choose school appropriate pictures.

Meeting Time: After School

Open To: All Students

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)

The National Junior Honor Members are a group of students selected based on specific requirements. It is a distinction to be part of the group because of its significance. Students are highlighted for their academic achievement, community service and character.

Meeting Time: After school

Open To: Teacher selected, based on academic and social factors.

Student Council

The Student Council of Antilles Middle School exists to raise and maintain the standards of the school in all possible ways, to promote school activities and school spirit, to provide for the development of democratic citizenship, to improve student-faculty relationship, and to develop leadership and initiative.

AMS Student Council consists of the officers of the student council (4) and one representative from each homeroom. An alternate will also be elected in each homeroom to serve in the absence of the representative. In case a homeroom is unable to select a representative, a student council officer will be in charge of informing the homeroom of all student council events.

Meeting Time: 7:00 a.m. (General Council)

Meeting Days: Wednesday

Open To: Representatives chosen by homeroom students.

Read 180 Care Packages

The AMS Read180, AVID, Student Council and NJHS program students delivered

care packages this week to 63 soldiers who had newly arrived from deployment

in Honduras. The students had a chance to personally thank the soldiers for

their sacrifice and hardwork. Over 150 care packages were prepared, and

included cards and decorations made by students at our school. The rest of

the items have been shipped to soldiers who are currently deployed in

Honduras and Iraq. We are proud of our student body and teachers, Ms.

Gouveia and Ms. Ruiz, who were involved in this amazing initiative and our

school parent Mr. Miguel A. Polo for making this happen!

Blueprint Goal 5: Excellence Outreach

Care Package Activity Care Package Activity 2Read 180 Care Pack3 activityRead 180 Care package Activity 4

Open To: The AMS Read180, AVID, Student Council and NJHS program students delivered
care packages

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