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Antilles MS

Antilles Middle School (AMS) is committed to providing an education that prepares students as thinkers, problem solvers and collaborators. AMS provides an English-language education for the dependents of military and civilian federal employees in Puerto Rico (PR). AMS is one of four Department of Defense schools on the island. We are a member of the DoDEA Americas Mid-Atlantic District. AMS is located on the United States Army Garrison, Fort Buchanan and is situated within the metropolitan area of San Juan.

The middle school moved to the present 17-acre campus in 1992. The school consists of nine permanent buildings and two portable buildings providing more than 78,000 square feet. The buildings are configured in a circular pattern around the information center. The school embraces the middle school concept for grades 6-8. There are four "houses"/teams. Three are grade-level houses and there is a house for the core exploratory strand and a house for foreign language. Teachers and students are organized and grouped in interdisciplinary teams. 

The majority of the AMS staff are bilingual in Spanish and English. The AMS staff models lifelong learning with ongoing participation in integrating instructional technology and in post graduate course work. 

The students at AMS participate in academic and athletic competitions around the island and at the national level. These competitions provide students the opportunity to interact with non-DoDEA students around the island and beyond. AMS students benefit from the partnerships and collaborations with stakeholder groups. The dependents of both military and civilian employees are able to participate in base middle school program activities through Child Youth Services.

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Antilles MS

Grades: 6-8

Enrollment: 326

DoDEA Mission

Educate, Engage, and Empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world.

DoDEA Vision

To be among the world's leaders in education, enriching the lives of the military connected students and the communities in which they live.

Mid-Atlantic District Purpose Statement

To ensure the college and career readiness of our military connected students, the Mid-Atlantic District is committed to building the capacity of all educators to increase the effectiveness of instructional practices.

Antilles Middle School Purpose Statement

To meet individual student needs by providing authentic learning experiences to ensure all students are College and Career ready.

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Primary Color: #FFD700

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Antilles Middle School Goal 1

Students at Antilles Middle School will demonstrate continuous growth to achieve proficiency in Literacy.

Antilles Middle School Goal 2

Students at Antilles Middle School will demonstrate continuous growth to achieve proficiency in Mathematics.

Antilles MS

School Address
1081 Patriot Blvd
Fort Buchanan, PR 00934-4533
Puerto Rico
Phone: 787 707-2461
Fax: 787-707-2429