Department of Defense Education Activity

Greetings Parents and Students!

My family and I are excited to be here! I feel privileged to be the new principal at Antilles Middle School (AMS) and I look forward to learning more about the school, the students, and the community here in Puerto Rico.

I am learning already that AMS is a wonderful learning community that is committed to high student achievement with an emphasis on preparing students to be college and career ready through a focus on 21st century practices. I am excited to be part of a learning community that focuses on student achievement and research-based best practices. Educators are dedicated to School Excellence Goal 2 (DoDEA Blueprint) by focusing on College and Career Ready Standards, Continuous School Improvement and Focused Collaboration to ensure a rigorous curriculum.

Antilles Middle School is dedicated to the success of the children of military and federally connected families. We continue to focus on Continuous School Improvement, through Cognia's standards for quality education, striving to become one of the finest learning communities in DoDEA. We have dedicated professionals, exemplary student support services, and many extracurricular activities that support and provide students with a rigorous and vibrant learning environment. Our AMS purpose statement is to provide an education for students who will be ready for their future, continue to learn, and take opportunities to better themselves.

In order to meet our goals, it is critical that we work together as partners and establish relationships through a variety of collaborative efforts. Parents, we are partners in your student’s education, and I encourage you to be actively involved. Please check-in with your child daily and review assignments and grades in GradeSpeed. Together, we can best help your student be successful.

School Year 2021-22 will be a great year for the AMS team and students!


Jared Collins, 
Principal of Antilles Middle School - Home of the Buccaneers!