Department of Defense Education Activity

John O. Arnn Elementary School: Special Education

It is the policy of DoDEA that students shall be provided a free, appropriate education in schools where placement and service decisions are based on individual needs of the student, in the least restrictive environment and in accordance with the system's guiding principles. Imbedded in this mission and policy is the practice of inclusive education, which is defined as the participation of all students, including those with disabilities, limited English proficiency, identified gifts and talents and other special needs in the general education program, as appropriate. Supplementary aids and services are provided to these students where necessary in order for them to attain success. For further detailed guidelines and policies, please refer to

Child Find is the ongoing process used by DoDEA and the military departments to seek and identify individuals (inclusive from birth to age 21) who are eligible to receive special education and related services. Specialists will coordinate details with the child development centers and advertise this support option.


Case Study Committee (CSC)


The CSC is composed of school personnel who oversee the special education program. It usually consists of the special education providers assigned to the school, an administrator, one or more general educators and other specialists within the school (e.g., counselor, nurse, etc.)

The CSC is responsible for a variety of activities that contribute to the effective functioning of the special education programs. The student specific CSC is responsible for those activities directly related to a specific student from the time of referral through Individual Education Program (IEP) development. Parents whose children are being referred for special education services or are currently receiving special education support are part of the student specific Case Study Committee.