Policies & Procedures

The Arnn ES Family Handbook was designed with you in mind to better help you learn what Arnn Elementary School is all about. We ask that you use this guide as a resource throughout the course of the school year so that you will have a basic knowledge of some of the policies, procedures, and programs that will affect you.

Information regarding student expectations, progress reporting, academic schedules, extra-curricular programs, health services, and school supply listings are just some of the many entries you'll find within this handbook. Parents are encouraged to review its contents and to discuss items with students.

Since this handbook offers a snapshot of what Arnn ES is all about, students and parents are further encouraged to ask questions to school personnel at any time so that individual's needs can be addressed and met.

On behalf of the Arnn ES staff, we look forward to a fun and fulfilling school year. In collaboration between the school and home, we invite you to work alongside us at the school site so that the educational programs will be enhanced, fulfilling, and rewarding for all involved.

Our staff is dedicated to providing a myriad of opportunities for learning and success for all of our students and we know that this school year will be a satisfying and productive one. 

We welcome you and we look forward to great opportunities and new discoveries ahead!

Gwendolyn Baxter-Oakley