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March Disability Awareness Month

Aviano ES
Aviano, Italy | March 24, 2021

At Aviano ES, in Aviano, Italy, we have a unique 3rd grade student we would like to showcase.  Andrew first came to Aviano in Preschool and has a severe visual impairment but has heartily embraced the use of Assistive Technology (AT).  Andrew uses assistive technology throughout the school day to create ease and access to the educational curriculum.

Andrew uses a portable CCTV for work in all the general education classes, a flatscreen computer with wireless keyboard & mouse, dome & handheld magnifiers, large calculator, raised line paper, bold print writing utensils, a large print edition for standardized testing, Read & Write for Google to assist with Text to Speech (TTS), & Clicker 8 for writing assistance.  The District ISS, AT, coordinates with the school to provide the needed AT devices.

Andrew has a wonderful school team to assist him including his Special Education Teacher, Para Educator, General Education Teachers, and district Instructional Specialist. Congratulations Andrew for all your hard work! You are a proud Aviano Eagle!

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