Department of Defense Education Activity


In keeping with the DoDEA mission to "provide an exemplary education that inspires and prepares all our students for success in a dynamic, global environment", the DoDEA Curriculum Content Standards and the Community Strategic Plan (CSP) provide the framework for academic excellence. Our curriculum translates the standards in to a sequenced series of statements about what students will learn through their school experiences.

Graduation requirements

Find out which DoDEA course are offered specifically at our school below:

Career and Technical Education Courses
The CTE curriculum is organized around Career Clusters that identify pathways from secondary school to two- and four-year colleges, and the workplace.
English Language Arts
The English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum provides students rich, rigorous programs that address literacy skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, as well as 21st-century skills in research, technology, and media.
Fine Arts Courses
Fine Arts curricula epitomize the concepts of 21st Century Teaching and Learning through student engagement of critical thinking & problem solving; creativity & innovation, communication & collaboration.
Foreign Language Courses
The Foreign Language Program prepares students to meet the challenges of an interdependent world community by enabling them to recognize the importance of learning foreign languages, engaging other cultures, and developing proficiency in one or more foreign languages.
Health and PE
Basic to health education is a foundation of knowledge about the interactions within the human body, the prevention of disease and other health problems, and the interrelationship between behavior and health.
Science Courses
The Science Content Standards provide a framework for advancing student performance and achievement in science.
Social Studies Courses
The program is designed to provide students with learning experiences which will aid in the development of knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes necessary for participation as citizens in a culturally diverse, democratic society.
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