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Bahrain ES/HS

Student Clubs

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is the United States' premier organization established to recognize outstanding middle level students. NJHS is more that just an honor roll. This organization serves to honor those students who demonstrate excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character.

To be eligible for membership in the Dilmun Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society at Bahrain School, the candidate must be a member of the seventh through ninth grades. Candidates must have a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher and must have been in attendance in our school for a minimum of one full semester. Eligible students must complete an Information Packet outlining their community service and leadership. All teachers of prospective NHS members are also given an opportunity to provide additional input on eligible students' demonstration of leadership, character, and service. A Faculty Council comprised of teachers from grades 7-9 shall then evaluate candidates on the basis of students' applications and teachers' information and make the selections of new members. Induction is held in the spring.

National Honors Society (NHS)

The Dilmun Chapter of the National Honor Society is comprised of students selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character and service. Inductions are held annually. In order to be eligible for NHS selection, a student in grades 10, 11 or 12, must first have a minimum unweighted cumulative grade point average of 3.4. These academically eligible students must then complete an application packet in which evidence of school and/or community service is listed. All teachers of prospective NHS members are given an opportunity to provide additional input on their eligible students' demonstration of leadership, character, and service. All information is collected and reviewed by a faculty council, selected by the NHS sponsor. The faculty council consists of at least five core high school teachers and a counselor, who review the student applications and teacher comments before determining the final selection of new inductees. Inductions are held during the final quarter of each school year. The Dilmun Chapter of the National Honor Society focuses on a variety of charity projects at Bahrain School and the local community. Members of NHS are held to the high standards of the organization. Each year NHS develops new projects or contributes to existing school projects in an effort to make Bahrain School the best it can be.

Middle School Student Council

MSSC (Middle School Student Council)

Eligibility: students in Grades 6-8.Students need to go through an application process where they highlight their leadership and academic skills. They are elected by their peers in the fall.

Description: The purpose of student council is to: develop leadership skills and to practice good citizenship, promote harmonious relations throughout, as well as to bring various social activities to the middle school throughout the year.

Meeting Time: Thursdays from 3:00-4:00. See sponsor for location.

Additional Information (optional): Monthly Activities that MSSC has done this year are: Red Ribbon Week activities, Spookytown decorations for Spooktacular, 2 after school movie nights, a winter social (dance, dinner, and movies), ice cream social, a Homecoming Spirit Week and a Spring Spirit Week (to include cake, ice cream sandwiches, snow cones, dress up days, and a dance off competition), Pep Rally, Sports Day, All School Talent Show and are currently planning a Pool Party for the end of school.

Student 2 Student (S2S) and Junior Student-2-Student (JS2S)

Eligibility: Any and all 6th through 12th grade students who are positive, open minded, friendly, well rounded and posses good leadership, citizenship and service skills who are interested in being ambassadors to our school and community by sponsoring new students who come to Bahrain.

Description: Students are trained to provide leadership in order to support students who are transitioning to or from their school. The team is composed of advisors and students of all grade levels.The focus is student-centered, and is student-led. Students act as sponsors to new students, ambassadors to the school. They are available to answer questions via email before new students arrive, they greet them upon arrival, give personalized tours of the school, answer the many questions new students have about our school and community, host social events for new students and students leaving, and help to give the new students an overall positive experience during their transition to our school..

Meeting Time: Every Wednesday at 7:40am

Future Educators Association

Eligibility: 9-12

Description: any student interested in education or an education related career

Meeting Time: monthly, lead up to FEA Conference, usually weekly meetings

Additional Information (optional): Annual FEA conference held in Germany, 1 week, Jan-Feb time frame, great opportunity to learn leadership skills and current teaching

After School Homework Club

Eligibility: Students that needs help in language arts, etc., and with failing grades......

Description: Students come with their binder, agenda and homework.The binders and agendas are checked for organization and to ensure homework assignments are inputted and comprehended.

Meeting Time: Tuesdays 2:50pm. to 3:50pm.


Eligibility: any student (either MS or HS team)

Description: Students regularly practice or judge debates on a multitude of topics. We use the parliamentary format including points of information. Participation in the local debate competition is optional but encouraged.

Meeting Time: Sundays 3-3:30pm

Model United States Senate (MUSS)

Eligibility: High School students in good academic standing.

Description: MUSS is a unique simulation of the American congressional process in the United States Senate. High school students are assigned to play the roles of senators and other senior members of government.

Meeting Time: Times vary

Additional Information: We will be forming our 2013-14 MUSS team starting in September, 2013.We will meet approximately every two weeks until winter break.Once school resumes in January, we will shift to meeting/training once a week. The training will cumulate with attendance at the MUSS conference at Wiesbaden, Germany in Mid-March 2014.Students are required to participate in at least one planned fundraiser in order to defer the costs associated with the conference.


Eligibility: Students in grades 9-12 who are in good standing academically.

Description: The Robotics club is a mix of students at all levels that design, engineer, fabricate, and program a fully functioning robot.The team competes Lego Olympiad in the Spring.Throughout this experience, students will benefit from competing and working in teams.Students will learn and develop a variety of different skills for their future including teamwork, problem solving, communication, persistence, determination, and professionalism. Lego Mindstorms and Tetrix are the main robotics used by the club.

Meeting Time: TBD