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School Psychology Services

DoDEA school psychologists provide a range of services designed to support students’ learning, growth, and development. They are experts in student mental health and learning/behavior, and they partner with various stakeholders throughout the school and community to support students’ academic and emotional needs. School psychology programs are designed to foster safe, healthy and supportive learning environments that strengthen connections between the school, home, and community. School psychologists aim to improve academic achievement, support diverse learners, promote positive behaviors and safe school climates, and strengthen school-family partnerships. Core functions of school psychologists include mental health interventions, behavior management, crisis intervention and response, assessment, and consultation and collaboration.

Please contact your school psychologist for additional information regarding the DoDEA School Psychology Program.

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2946.03: School Psychological Services

Bahrain ES

Teresa Carpenter

School Psychologist

My name is Teresa Carpenter and I am the School Psychologist at Bahrain School. I work with students K-12. This is the start of my 4th year here in Bahrain. I have been a School Psychologist for 16 years and have been with DODEA for 15 years. During my time with DODEA I have been at schools in Bahrain, Turkey and Germany. I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio but claim El Paso, Texas as my home for the past 27 years. I spent 8 1/2 years in the Air Force living in England, Spain, and Korea. I have 2 children. My youngest daughter graduated from Bahrain MHS last year and just started college at the University of Houston. My older daughter lives and works in Houston, Texas and graduated from Baylor University. In my spare time I enjoying spending time with my dog and cats and quilting.

Phone: 973-1771-9829
DSN Phone: 318-742-3100 ext:5031

School Psychologists Overview

School psychologists are unique in the educational setting, because their training equips them to provide psychological evaluation and facilitate mental health service delivery in the schools, while at the same time supporting the learning process, child development and the understanding of educational systems. School psychologists serve as a vital part of the Student Services team and work closely in conjunction with school counselors, nurses and administrators in the delivery of services to address the educational, emotional and social and career needs of students and families.

The primary intent of the provision of school psychological services is to promote mental and physical wellness and facilitate learning of students. School psychologists are in a strong position to help support the attainment of the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan. The overall goal of the psychological services program is to increase student capacity to overcome academic, personal, and social problems that could hinder their attainment of educational success and a satisfying and productive life.