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Background Information: Barsanti Elementary School is a Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) school located in a serene area surrounded by woods in the Fort Campbell Military Community. Many days you may look out a window and see wild turkeys or deer. The school is located by the Woodlands and Gardner Hills housing communities. Barsanti Elementary provides a superior education for Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth grade children of United States military personnel;nearly all are attached to the Army. A large majority of our children walk to school with the exception of those living in one area of housing that is over 1 mile from the school.

Barsanti ES

The most important part of our building is the "feel" of the school. We strive to be a friendly, compassionate, and caring school. Many parents and visitors have commented on how everyone at our school works hard to ensure that all children succeed. Our students are motivated to learn. They are excited about the opportunities that are provided for them on a daily basis. Our staff members are dedicated to ensuring that every child who enters our door becomes a well rounded student by taking care of their academic, emotional and social needs.

We have an experienced and highly qualified staff that continuously strives to meet the daily needs of our students not only academically but socially and emotionally.  Most of our professional staff hold advanced degrees and are experienced, veteran teachers. We work hard to establish a rapport with our ethnically diverse students and their families. We care about each of the students that enter the halls of Barsanti Elementary School. We are proud Bulldogs. We are tenacious, courageous, reliable, and will do whatever it takes to make a child successful!

Points of Pride

  • New 21st Century Building for 21st Century Teaching and Learning
  • Staff with a Commitment to Project Based Learning
  • Staff highly committed to the education of military connected children

Our Namesake - Major General Barsanti

Major General Olinto Mark BarsantiOur school is named in honor of Major General Olinto Mark Barsanti;  a highly decorated officer of the U.S. Army's elite 101st Airborne Division (the Screaming Eagles).  During the Vietnam War, Barsanti was the Commanding General charged with Operation Eagle Thrust, the largest and longest military airlift ever attempted into a combat zone. 

In his 31-year military career, Barsanti also served in World War II and the Korean War.  He earned more than 60 awards, medals and commendations, including the Distinguished Service Medal, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Distinguished Flying Cross and seven Purple Hearts.

Visit the Arlington National Cemetery Website to learn more about our namesake, Major General Olinto Mark Barsanti.

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Barsanti ES

Grades: PreK-5

Enrollment: 577

Computer/Student Ratio: 2:1

Our Mission

The programs and practices of Barsanti reflect our commitment to having all students embrace learning at high levels by differentiating tasks to meet student needs.

Our Vision

Barsanti inspires military-connected children to embrace their learning to achieve their personal best.

Mascot: Bulldog

Motto: Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It!

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Barsanti ES Colors

Primary Color: #003399

Secondary Color: #FFCC33

School Improvement Goals


Goal One: All students in grades 3-5 will increase their achievement in Mathematics on the DoDEA CCR Summative Assessment from 41% scoring Meets and Exceeds in SY 20-21 to 46% scoring Meets and Exceeds in SY 22-23.

Goal Two: All Students in grades Kindergarten - Grade 2 will increase their achievement in Mathematics on the Americas End-of-Year Summative Assessments from 59% scoring performance level 3 in SY 20-21 to 65% scoring Performance Level 3 in SY 22-23.


Goal Three: All students in grades 3-5 will increase their achievement in Literacy on the DoDEA CCR Summative Assessment from 43% scoring in Meets and Exceeds in SY 20-21 to 49% scoring Meets and Exceeds in SY 22-23.

Goal Four: All students in grades K-3 will increase their achievement in Literacy on the Reading Proficiency Test from 57% scoring Meets or Exceeds in SY 20-21 to 63% scoring Meets and Exceeds in SY 22-23.

Barsanti ES

School Address
7409 McAuliffe Loop
Fort Campbell, KY 42223-6025

Phone: 270-640-1213
Fax: 931-431-0519