Department of Defense Education Activity

Goal 5: Outreach Excellence

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Outreach Excellence

DoDEA is committed to creating successful partnerships with families and communities. Partnerships and outreach are essential to the attainment of DoDEA’s student, school, talent and organizational excellence goals. DoDEA must develop and sustain a wide variety of partnerships with students, families, commands, universities, and local business among others to meet the challenges of providing students with world-class instruction and developing its workforce. Outreach excellence is a natural element to further DoDEA’s goals, resulting in the development of two initiatives centered on creating opportunities for students and increasing organizational capacity. Through these initiatives, DoDEA will provide enriching opportunities for its students and employees to excel and partner with local communities.

Partnerships between DoDEA and its students, families, military, and local communities are an essential element for the education of all military-connected students. DoDEA will leverage existing partnerships and programs, such as DoDEA’s grant and Non-DoD School Programs, and explore additional opportunities to provide enriching experiences for students and employees.

Partnerships for Student Success

DoDEA participates in a wide variety of partnerships. However, there is currently no comprehensive listing of partnerships or systematic way to collect and share best practices. As a result, an important focus in this first year of the Blueprint is to inventory and highlight best practices in partnerships in DoDEA schools. In addition, DoDEA will seek to add to that list.

Partnerships for Organizational Success

DoDEA can also benefit from partnerships that enhance workforce and student services and provide opportunities for talent acquisition and professional growth. These partnerships will provide critical recruitment and professional learning opportunities for employees as they pursue various career pathways and progress in their career.

DoDEA is committed to creating successful partnerships with families and communities.

Goal 5- Strategic Initiative 5.1: 

Partnerships for Student Success — Promote, foster, and support partnerships for student success in DoDEA schools and schools with military-connected/ DoD connected students.

Critical Success Factors:

  1. Inventoried and Categorized Partnerships: In order to promote and foster effective partnerships, we will inventory and categorize current partnerships to establish effective opportunities and share best practices to maximize the outcomes of partnerships for student success.
  2. Promote, Foster, and Support Partnerships with Prospective, Current, and Former Students: In order to promote student partnerships, we will develop venues for prospective families, communicate stories highlighting current partnerships, and leverage the experiences of former students.
  3. Promote, Foster, and Support Military Community Partnerships: In order to improve our partnerships with military communities, we will actively seek out military community partnership opportunities at the school, district, region, and headquarters levels.
  4. Promote, Foster, and Support Family Partnerships: In order to maintain strong family partnerships, we will cultivate a welcoming environment that fosters family engagement in support of student success.
  5. Promote, Foster, and Support Partnerships to Provide Multi-Dimensional Opportunities: In order to facilitate real world experiences that empower students to plan for their futures and develop credentials, we will partner with host nations, commands, universities, and businesses to facilitate enriching experiences.
  6. Promote, Foster, and Support Outreach: In order to foster outreach opportunities and relationships which expand educational opportunities for military-connected students we will expand overall outreach opportunities that improve educational and business opportunities and academic continuity for military-connected students.
Goal 5- Strategic Initiative 5.2: 

Partnerships for Organizational Success — Leverage systemic partnerships and outreach to build capacity for organizational success.

Critical Success Factors:

  1. Leverage Community Partnerships: In order to diversify organizational capacity, we will promote, foster, and support community partnerships and volunteer programs to enhance workforce and student services.
  2. Leverage Partnerships for Talent Acquisition and Professional Growth: In order to enable DoDEA’s efforts to attract a diverse, quality workforce, we will identify and encourage strategic alliances that enhance recruitment and professional learning and growth.