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MS Math

Student Resources

Students will experience learning CCRSM through the Engage curriculum which consists of the modules in Numbers, Geometry, Ratio & Proportion, Expressions & Equations, Statistics & Probability, and Functions.


6th Grade

Module 1: Ratio & Proportion

Homework Helper Module 1 Grade 6 Topic A

Homework Helper Module 1 Grade 6 Topic B & C 

Parent Tips: Grade 6 Module 1 Topic A 

Parent Tips: Grade 6 Module 1 Topic B

Parent Tips: Grade 6 Module 1 Topic C 

Parent Tips: Grade 6 Module 1 Topic D 

Module 2: Arithmetic Operations Including Division of Fractions


Homework Helpers Grade 6 Module 2

Parent Tips: Grade 6 Module 2 Topic A 

Parent Tips: Grade 6 Module 2 Topic B

Parent Tips: Grade 6 Module 2 Topic C 

Parent Tips: Grade 6 Module 2 Topic D 


7th Grade

Module 1: Ratios & Proportional Relationships

Module 2: Rational Numbers

Module 3: Expressions and Equations

8th Grade

Module 1: Integer Exponents & Scientific Notation

Homework Helper Grade 8 Module 1 Topic A

Parent Tips: Grade 8 Module 1 Topic A 

Parent Tips: Grade 8 Module 1 Topic B


Content Strands

  • Number and Operations
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Data Analysis and Probability

Process Standards

  • Problem Solving
  • Reasoning and Proof
  • Communication
  • Connections
  • Representation



Work to be  completed by students outside the classroom may be assigned by teachers in  order for students to achieve maximum growth and development. The amount  (typically nightly) and type of homework is left to the discretion of the  teacher. Homework is generally given as an extension of new learning introduced  in the classroom. These homework assignments will help to build good  independent study habits and develop a sense of responsibility in the  child.  Homework is due at the beginning  of class on the due date.  The student  will receive a grade of zero for homework received after the due date.    


Teachers  will permit students to make up work missed during an absence so long as the  student or parent/guardian makes appropriate arrangements with the teacher(s)  no later than the student's fifth (5th) day back at school. The student must complete the make-up work  within 10 days after his/her return to school unless additional time is  approved by the Principal. 


Good  communication between the home and school provides for a basis of understanding  and support that will unite our efforts to help each child's growth and development.  School personnel will communicate with parents through a variety of methods,  including continuous progress report/report cards, telephone calls, written  notes, parent-teacher conferences, and opportunities for parents to visit the  school. 


The  educational welfare of children is best served when there is complete understanding  and cooperation between the home and school.   Grading, reporting, and conferences are used to provide parents and  students with information about student progress. Information about student  achievement is shared through periodic progress reports, report cards, and  individual conferences. In addition, telephone calls and brief notes are  utilized.  Parents and students in Grades  6-8 have access to GradeSpeed which is a web-based program that allows you to  log-in and view grades. Information on GradeSpeed is sent home at the beginning  of the year. More information can be found at


Evaluation Codes (Grades 6-8)

  • A 90 - 100%
  • B 80 - 89%
  • C 70 - 79%
  • D 60 - 69%
  • F Below 60%

Course  category weights, with the exception of high school credited classes (8th  grade Spanish/Algebra I), are based on the following scale:

  • Classwork/Participation - 35%
  • Tests/Quizzes - 30%
  • Projects - 20%
  • Homework - 15%
  • For 8th  grade Spanish/Algebra I, the scale will include a Semester Exam and End of  Course Test that are weighted at 20%. 
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