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Bolden E/MS


Music Students at Bolden Elementary School  will experience a wide variety of sounds from sources such as recorded music  and live performances, and are able to talk about these experiences. Students  will develop a sensitivity to expressive qualities of music. They will also  develop skills necessary to become intelligent performers, creators, and  consumers of music. Students will become aware that music reflects many  cultural and ethnic backgrounds. In addition, students will expand their  musical knowledge so that they make intelligent judgments of musical value.

Bolden Elementary students are provided with  the opportunity to join the school band and chorus. The band and chorus are  offered as an extension to the general music program. Rehearsals for both of these  groups are held before and after school. Band is only offered to fifth and sixth grade students, and chorus is offered to all students. These two groups perform  twice during the school year. 

The purpose of music standards are to address the elements of music in order for an individual to be proficient and  knowledgeable about music.  Evidence of a warranted  interpretation of the music standards can be heard through the students’  accuracy in various forms of mediums. Evidence of performance could be via solo/alone to group performances.  

Visit the Music curriculum page for complete listing of the music standards.

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