Department of Defense Education Activity

Bowley ES: Counseling Services

Guidance and Counseling

The purpose of the Guidance Program is to promote the welfare of students and to enhance the educational program.  Emphasis is on helping students develop as unique and valuable individuals, understanding themselves, getting along with others, doing well in school, and developing skills for life-long success.  The foundation for our Guidance and Counseling Program is a Competency-Based Counseling Program (CBCP), which emphasizes decision-making skill development and exploration of future educational and occupational possibilities. The program also stresses self-concept development and the acquisition of social skills needed for interpersonal relationships.  The following services are provided:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Small Group Counseling 
  • Classroom Guidance Instruction
  • Provide resources to and consults with parents, school personnel, and members of the community
  • Serve as liaisons with community agencies and make referrals
  • Coordinate the standardized testing program
  • Promote motivational activities for students