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Brewster MS: About Our School

  Brewster Middle School

In 1967 Brewster Junior High School served grades six through eight.  In 1971 it became a non-graded junior high school housing 679 students in grades seven and eight.  During school year 1989-90, the school was renamed to Brewster Middle School and added sixth grade.  The current Brewster Middle School was completed in April of 2001 and is the only middle school on Camp Lejeune.  It is designed to house 750 students in grades six through eight.  There are four technology labs in addition to a gymnasium, a multipurpose room, and an information center.  The design supports the middle school team planning, exploratory learning, and advisor/advisee groups. 

Our Namesake - David Lukins Shoemaker Brewster

Brewster Middle School was named in honor of Brigadier General David Lukins Shoemaker Brewster.  Brigadier General Brewster was born in Washington, D.C. on December 31, 1887.  In December of 1910 he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps.  In 1917 he was selected as a Marine aviator as he was qualified to pilot airplanes, dirigibles, and balloons.  He became an instructor at Quantico, VA in 1925 and in 1934 he served with the Fourth Marines in Shanghai.  In September of 1941 he became Commanding Officer, Barracks Detachment in New River, North Carolina.  He was assigned to duty with the First Marine Amphibious Corps in 1943.  He passed away in 1945 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Legion of Merit Award

Brigadier General Brewster was awarded the Legion of Merit award for actions during World War II.  Visit the Military Times Wall of Valor page to read more about this honor.