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DoDEA CSP - Volume II

Dear Parents, Students, Staff and Members of Our Community,

I am pleased to present Volume II of our Community Strategic Plan (CSP) for school years 2013/14–2017/18. I am confident that the strategic direction outlined in this volume focuses the DoDEA community on our school system’s most essential strategic imperatives: establishing an educational system that progressively builds the college and career readiness of all DoDEA students, and establishing the organizational capacity to operate more effectively and efficiently as a model, unified school system.

Our success in uniformly achieving student college and career readiness rests largely on the quality of our standards-based educational system––a system designed to tightly align our curriculum, instructional framework, and assessment system with our newly established college- and career-ready academic standards. Once fully implemented, our standards-based educational system will achieve three essential conditions in every one of our classrooms: the system will establish and build awareness and acceptance of our new, more rigorous teaching and learning expectations; the system will ensure all students have equal access to highquality educational opportunities; and most importantly, the system will improve student achievement through instructional strategies and supports tailored to accommodate students’ unique learning needs. In short, our standards-based educational system will improve what we teach, how we teach, and how our students learn in each of our schools.

Achieving a model standards-based educational system, however, requires that we establish the “right” capacity throughout our school system. As such, we will continue our work to determine the most effective and efficient organizational structure for meeting high teaching and learning expectations and accomplishing essential support functions. Our capacity-building initiatives will focus our entire organization on one common end––doing what is best for our students. Teachers and administrators (instructional leaders) will be able to focus on instruction while receiving improved resourcing and support from our above-school-level organizations, and our above-school-level organizations will be better aligned, resourced, and empowered for success.

To improve the support to the school level, we will initially focus on two tasks––we will more effectively project long-term resource requirements for programs essential to improving student achievement; and we will pursue opportunities to operate our above school-level organization more efficiently to make more resources directly available to our schools.

Lastly, we will build upon the positive, collegial, and student-centered climates of our schools to establish a system-wide culture conducive to meeting high expectations and improving accountability. The fundamental belief that each part of our school system, especially our students, can and will meet higher expectations must be prevalent throughout our organization. Moreover, our commitment to become one of our Nation’s best school systems can only be realized if we pursue improvement with a collective sense of ownership and accountability that focuses our actions and resources on achieving our high expectations in a principled, positive way.

In closing, I believe we are presented a tremendous opportunity today. The path we have chosen channels our talents, resources, and passions towards becoming a much better school system for our students and their families. The journey will not be without challenges, but given our current strengths, a focused plan of action, and a fully committed and engaged team, I believe it is certainly achievable and the right thing to do for our children. I look forward to taking the journey with you.


Thomas M. Brady Signature

Thomas M. Brady
Director, DoDEA