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AVID: Courses

"The goal of education in America must be for the purpose of teaching all of our students to the highest levels — for lifting up all people"

Mary Catherine Swanson

DoDEA Headquarters

DoDEA AVID Instructional Systems Specialist

Instructional Systems Specialist

4800 Mark Center Drive
Alexandria VA 22350-1400

Note: Students in the AVID Elective Course are expected to enroll in one course of rigor annually, including Advanced Placement (AP) Courses.

Course Name Course Number Course Grade Length
AVID Tutor AAT501 11,12 36
AVID M LAV101 6,7,8 36
AVID 9 LAV301 9 36
AVID 10 LAV401 10 36
AVID 11 LAV501 11 36
AVID 12 LAV601 12 36
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