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ARA614SF: AP 2-D Art and Design+ (4x4) (2022)

The AP 2-D Art and Design+ course is an intensive (semester) course of college-level study that addresses student understanding and application of broad concepts of drawing media. The Fundamentals of Art course is suggested preparation for this course. Completion of at least one studio course is necessary prior to enrollment in this AP studio course. Students demonstrate aspects of drawing that include the elements and principles of design while exploring formal and conceptual issues of works of art through creative and systematic investigations. Students will be expected to produce a minimum of forty pieces of finished artwork in a variety of two-dimensional media, techniques, and subject matter. A portion of this work should be directed toward a student selected theme. It is important for the student to understand how masterworks and other artwork contribute to individual and personal ideas. Students are expected to submit a portfolio of their works of art for the College Board Advanced Placement Review.  

Course Note: Weighted (+ indicated Weighted)