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ARA615: AP 3-D Art and Design+ (2022)

The AP 3-D Art and Design course is an intensive one-year course of college-level study that addresses student understanding and application of broad concepts of artistic 3D design applications such as metalworking, sculpture, model, and ceramics. The Fundamentals of Art course is suggested preparation for this course. Completion of at least one studio course is necessary prior to enrollment in this AP studio course. The focus is on the design of the artwork itself as opposed to its composition. Three aspects of art are emphasized: Quality - 5 pieces of art shown in 10 slides; Concentration - 12 slides are submitted related to a single idea; Breadth - 8 different works shown in 16 slides to demonstrate student's ability to incorporate a variety of 3D design principles. Students are expected to submit a portfolio of their works of art for College Board Advanced Placement Review at the end of the course.  

Course Note: This course satisfies the Fine Arts (1 credit) graduation requirement. Weighted