Department of Defense Education Activity

ARE401: Ceramics (2022)

This Ceramics (year-long) course aligned to DoDEA College and Career Ready Standards Arts, CCRSA (National Core Art Standards, NCAS)   is designed to provide studio experience regarding the exploration of clay. The prerequisite for this course is Fundamentals of Art or teacher approval. In this course, students discover the properties of clay by making utilitarian and sculptural forms that emphasize design and craftsmanship through the use of the elements and principals of design. The course includes creating ceramic works of art utilizing the various types of clay (earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain), the application of glazes, kiln management, and the historical role of ceramics in our culture. Students will produce a series of ceramic pieces using a variety of materials, tools, and equipment that demonstrate knowledge of the basic methods of hand-building construction and use of the pottery wheel.  

Course Note: This course satisfies the Fine Arts (1 credit) graduation requirement. Repeatable Course - Subsequent Enrollment Requires More Rigor.