Department of Defense Education Activity

ARS401: Studio Art (2022)

The Studio Art (year-long) course aligned to DoDEA College and Career Ready Standards Arts, CCRSA (National Common Core Arts Standards, NCAS), is designed either as units of study in various media, or as an individualized course for advanced students. The prerequisite for this course is Fundamentals of Art or teacher approval. Students who would like to develop skill in several media would benefit from this course. Students can concentrate on selected media by choosing activities from a wide range of options such as drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, commercial art, printmaking, and mixed media. Emphasis will be placed on utilizing the elements and principles of art, techniques, and other skills appropriate to the selected medium.  

Course Note: This course satisfies the Fine Arts (1 credit) graduation requirement. Repeatable Course - Subsequent Enrollment Requires More Rigor.