ARV301S: Video Art S (2019)

The Video Art (semester) course aligned to-áDoDEA College and Career Ready Standards Arts, CCRSA (National Core Art Standards, NCAS)-áprovides students with a comprehensive video arts program that emphasizes video production as an art form. The Fundamentals of Art course is suggested preparation for this course. Students create original video productions using equipment that generates, processes, or alters electronic visual and aural images. This equipment includes the video camera, computer, special effects generator and editing machines. It also includes equipment that reproduces or synthesizes sound effects and music. Students use the video medium to effect personal or social expression through visual/aural images to create videos with aesthetic goals, and to convey information about the visual or performing arts. -á

Course Note: This course satisfies Fine Arts (.5 of the 1 credit) graduation requirement. Repeatable Course - Subsequent Enrollment Requires More Rigor.