Department of Defense Education Activity

CTT501SF: Education II (4x4) (2022)

Education II (semester) is an applied-knowledge course that covers classroom management, concepts of higher order thinking, differentiating instruction, and strategies of effective classroom planning. Students in this course will demonstrate their skills while building a course portfolio of work, which will carry with them throughout the Teaching as a Profession Pathway. Learners will study, apply, and practice the use of current technologies, effective teaching and learning strategies, the creation of an effective learning environment, the creation of instructional opportunities for diverse learners and students with special needs, and plan instruction based on knowledge of subject matter, students, community, and curriculum performance standards. Students will be prepared to practice their skills and knowledge in a variety of educational settings. Mastery of standards will be through project-based learning, technical skills' practice, and leadership development. International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Teacher Standards are integrated within the course.

Course Note: This course satisfies either the Career Technical Education (1 of 1.5 credit) graduation requirement or Career Technical Education - Computer Technology (.5 of .5) graduation requirement.