Department of Defense Education Activity

CTW501SSF: Career Practicum - 1hr S (4x4) (2022)

The Career Practicum (9-week course) course prepares students for their future careers. This course is designed to provide school-to-career experiences and training through a work practicum related to their career goal. Important aspects are to provide students an opportunity to acquire an understanding of actual employment settings utilizing their skills and aptitudes, apply problem solving skills in the work environment, develop communication techniques, utilize electronic information systems to search for career information, explore information resources, acquire learning and self-management tools, develop intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies. This course may be offered for one hour period.

Course Note: This course satisfies either the Career Technical Education (.5 of 1.5 credit) graduation requirement. Students may not take more than one(1) Career Practicum course in a single semester. This is a Repeatable Course - Subsequent Enrollment Requires More Rigor.