Department of Defense Education Activity

DRA692: IB Theater 2 High+ (2022)

The IB Theater 2 High (year-long) course is a second year, second level course designed to help students understand the nature of the theatre; to understand it by making it as well as studying it; to understand it not only with their minds but with their senses, their bodies and their emotions; to understand the form it takes in cultures other than their own; and through this understanding better to understand themselves, their society and their world. The course involves the development of performance skills through working on devised and scripted scenes, some of which must be presented to an audience. Students will also study drama from the point of view of the director and will investigate methods of turning a play script into performance. Practical exploration of theatre from different cultures is also a key element in the course. A theatre production - a collaborative exercise animating a broad spectrum of talents and skills in which the principles and practices of theatre are explored by the students - is the high point of their practical and theoretical studies.

Course Note: This course satisfies the Fine Arts (1 credit) graduation requirement and/or counts toward an IB Diploma.