Department of Defense Education Activity

FLS597: IB Spanish Abinitio 1+ (2022)

IB Spanish Abinitio 1 (from the beginning) is designed for students with little or no prior experience with the language. Students will learn to understand and communicate, both orally and in writing, simple and complex structures related to themes studied: the individual and society, leisure and work, and urban and rural environment. They will study authentic texts, learn relevant vocabulary and grammar, and investigate similarities and differences between the target culture and their own. During the course, the student will become familiar with the everyday life and culture of countries in which the language is spoken. This is the weighted version of IB Spanish Albinitio 1. Students must have been enrolled and passed FLA693 IB Spanish Albinitio 2 to earn the extra grade point.

Course Note: Fulfills 1 credit of the IB diploma foreign language requirement.