Department of Defense Education Activity

LAA603: ESOL for Newcomers (2022)

This class should generally be taken IN CONJUNCTION with the ESOL for ELA Credit Course, ESOL - 1 EnteringThis ESOL course is designed for Newcomer ELLs, defined as those students have been classified as an ELL for one year or less. Students in this course should also have an English proficiency level of 1. This course should engage ELL with basic survival English, vocabulary, and structures for transition into an American school environment. This course should provide newcomers extra support in understanding how an American school “works” (e.g., its daily structure, working with teachers beyond the scheduled class time, and expectations of asking for help when lessons are confusing or the English too difficult) and accessing the academic language being used in the lessons.

Course Note: This course satisfies the Elective (1 of 5 credits) graduation requirement. This course is repeatable.