Department of Defense Education Activity

LAJ401SF: Journalism (4x4) (2022)

The Journalism (semester) course is aligned with College and Career Ready Learning Standards and is designed for the highly motivated student who desires a strong background in journalistic techniques. As a writing intensive course, the essentials of newspaper and mixed media writing in the 21st Century are covered, to include news stories, features, editorials, and headlines. Students with develop and apply their understanding of the history of journalism and its basis for legal and ethical rights and responsibilities. Students not only gain an understanding of the reporter's role, but they also learn the various types of writing formulas used in journalistic writing. This course will also stress the techniques of observation, interviewing, and reporting. In addition, proofreading, editing, and newspaper layout will be covered. Students personal and staff management skills will be developed throughout the course.

Course Note: This course satisfies an Elective (1 of 5 credits) graduation requirement and is repeatable - Subsequent enrollment requires more rigor.