Department of Defense Education Activity

LAS401: Speech (2022)

The Speech (year-long) course is aligned with College and Career Ready Learning Standards and is designed to provide students the study of and practice in the basic principles and techniques of effective oral communication. This course includes instruction in adapting speech to different audiences and purposes. Students have opportunities to make different types of oral presentations including: (1) viewpoint, (2) instructional, (3) demonstration, (4) informative, (5) persuasive, and (6) impromptu. Students are given opportunities to express subject matter knowledge and content through creative, analytical, and expository writing, as well as reading a variety of literary genre related to course content and speaking assignments. This course emphasizes research skills using technology and careful organization and preparation. Students also practice and develop critical thinking skills. When this course is offered as a 36 week course the second semester will focus primarily on debate. Students will apply appropriate formal debating skills, including but not limited to college debate and formal debate with cross-examination. Students will write and deliver constructive speeches, rebuttals, and cross-examinations that are researched and cited thoroughly.

Course Note: This course satisfies an Elective (1 of 5 credits) graduation requirement.