MAA301SF: Algebra I 4X4 (2020)

Algebra-áI is a course required for graduation and course is aligned with the College and Career Ready Standards for Mathematics in High School. Throughout the course, students will study in depth linear and exponential relationships and contrasting them, using linear models for data that appear to have a linear trend and understanding when exponential models are appropriate in various contexts. Students will also engage in methods for solving quadratic functions, analyzing and determine the proper use for quadratics with given quantities. Through the content, students will build mathematical habits of mind as described by the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMPs).-á

Course Note: This course is part of a field test at Lejune HS only for SY18/19 and will allow students to complete a full credit in 18 weeks by meeting daily instead of every other day. In all other respects, it is the same as the non 4x4 version of the course.