MAA592: IB Math 1 High (2020)

The IB Mathematics HL course is a two-year course that caters to students with a good background in mathematics who are competent in a range of analytical and technical skills.-á All topics covered in the course require an understanding both with and without the use of a graphing calculator.-á The first year students will take AP Calculus and sit the exam in May.-á This is a college level course and requires a minimum of one hours of study per day.-á Students will complete a research project in some area of mathematics during their senior year; this major project is 20% of the IB grade.-á Students taking this course expect to include mathematics as a major component of their university studies, either as a subject in its own right or within courses such as physics, engineering, and technology.-á Others may take this subject because they have a strong interest in mathematics and enjoy its challenges and engaging with its problems. This is Year 1 of the course.-á