Department of Defense Education Activity

PEG104: Physical Ed 7 (2017)

The Physical Education 7 (year-long) course is designed to fully enable seventh grade students to progress in the skill competencies and conceptual knowledge related to the movement and physical activity and personal and social needs of adolescents. Developmentally appropriate concepts of physical fitness, motor skill and personal and social development are included in this course. Students apply appropriate physical activity and fitness concepts to the development of a health-enhancing level of physical fitness. They apply basic biomechanical principles, tactical skills and strategies in modified sports and activities and demonstrate competency in critical elements of serving, bumping, dribbling, scoring, fielding, batting, and forehand and backhand striking. They understand the importance of rules and safety procedures and can define the FITT Principle as it relates to physical fitness development. Students plan ways to do physical activity as part of their daily routine.