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SCC692: IB Chemistry 2 High+ (2022)

IB Chemistry at the higher level consists of 180 hours of theory (knowledge/instruction) covering a range of topics:  quantitative chemistry, atomic structure, periodicity, bonding, energetic (thermochemistry) kinetics, equilibrium, acids and bases, oxidation and reduction (electrochemistry), organic chemistry, and measurement and data processing.  Students will also select one optional topic.  Year One IB chemistry HL is taught in conjunction with AP Chemistry and prepares students to take the AP Chemistry examination.  Year Two IB Chemistry is a continuation and expansion on the information covered in the first year. Students are required to complete 60 hours of practical work (laboratory investigations) some of which will contribute to the internal assessment (IA) and the Group 4 Project.  The IA counts as 20% of the grade awarded by IB.