Department of Defense Education Activity

SSU501BT: United States History 11 (Sem 2) (2023)

The US History (Sem 2) course emphasizes the ideas that influenced events, actions, and eras in modern U.S. History. Students address historical questions using primary sources (i.e., diaries, photos, newspaper articles) and secondary sources (i.e., textbooks, essays, journal articles) to interpret historical events and periods in modern U.S. History. They also analyze key historical periods and patterns of change over time; analyze continuity and change; causes and effects of significant events as well as issues of unity and diversity in U.S. History. The history of political thought, theory, and actions will be emphasized in addition to investigating American foreign policy, outlining the growth and limits of executive power, and evaluating ideas of economic thinkers. Students analyze and discuss the Constitution as a flexible document and investigate the rights, roles and responsibilities as U.S. citizens.

Course Note: This course satisfies the World History (.5 of 1 credit) graduation requirement. This course is offered in Summer or Semester 1 only.